Club Keno Delivers Keno To Go Play at Home Option

Have you heard of the new Club Keno to Go option for lottery players? Here is how it works. In case you have never played Keno, it is a form of lottery offered by most states which is played continually, 24/7, every 3 to 5 minutes. Consider it a miniature lottery that you can play all day long. The only negative is that you have to stay physically located in a brick-and-mortar lottery retail center so you can watch the numbers drawn pop up on the display, check them against yours, and see how much money you have won. Since a game is run every few minutes, it is very easy to invest a couple of hours enjoying this rapid-lotto offering. Wouldn't it be great if you could play multiple Keno games, or the same numbers over multiple draws, without having to sit around and stare at a monitor while you could be tending to your busy life?

That is exactly what Keno to Go (also called Club Keno in some states) offers you. Just as the name implies, you are allowed to play for up to 20 or even 30 consecutive draws, and you pick your numbers one time. Just like a typical Keno offering where you have to hang around and watch the drawing, you simply select your 20 numbers out of the field of 80, with the numbers ranging from 1 to 80. Choose how many numbers, or spots, you are trying to match, and then how much money you want to wager on each draw. Some states offer a Keno multiplier, and you can either play that or pass, then you simply choose how many consecutive draws you would like to play. Take your ticket to the clerk, pay for your purchase, and then go about the business of living your life. You are not tied to the brick and mortar casino all day, nor do you need to be connected to any online platform as in playing at USA online keno sites. While online keno fans may not consider Club Keno as convenient, those plalyers who are not as technology driven in their day to day lives may prefer this hands off option.

Club Keno in this way means you do not have to earmark a couple of hours every day to sit in a crowded, noisy gas station, convenience store or other lottery retailer to find out how much money your number selection has earned you. Keno to Go means just that - you play Keno, and then you go. You simply retain your Keno slip and check your numbers later online at your convenience. This is a very new offering being delivered by most of the US states, also available in other select countries. And while the traditional online Keno experience is still available from multiple websites supporting US players, this new and exciting version has not quite yet made it to the top Internet casinos which offer standard Keno play. There is no doubt that this will be available soon online, and we will notify you instantly when the Internet version hits the World Wide Web. We anticipate that once it moves to an online platform that it will be available in more states as well. It would end up being very similar to how we play Keno online, except it would retain more of a 'subscription' type of playing option that doesn't require your ongoing attention during game play.

Keno is extremely popular because you get nearly instant gratification (a game is played every few minutes, as mentioned above), and you can play for as little as one dollar. Usually most states in the US employ a two computer system to run the Keno game. The first computer accepts your bets, and after all bets are in, asks a second computer which employs a random number generator (RNG) to pick the 20 winning numbers, which then sends them to the Keno monitors at retail agent locations. Since the two computers work independently of each other, the RNG has no idea what numbers have been chosen by Keno customers. Its only job is to continuously shuffle numbers, providing 20 randomly selected numbers when it is told to do so by the primary computer.

Keno is played in Las Vegas, Nevada and many other cities that house brick-and-mortar casinos, and it is actually a very ancient game. Legend has it that the invention of the game actually saved a warring city in ancient times, and it began the idea of using public lottery funds for government use when it helped create the finances to build the Great Wall of China. In those days, it is said that Keno games in major cities before our modern communication technologies would send the chosen Keno numbers by carrier pigeons to outlying cities and municipalities. This gave Keno its Chinese name of "báigē piào", which literally translated means "white dove ticket".

Club Keno provides a true "Keno to go" experience for lottery players who like the game format, but don't want to stand around wasting their day away staring at a tiny monitor while they could be running errands or relaxing at home. Perfectly suited for the Internet, Keno to Go will no doubt make its way to the most popular Internet Keno casinos eventually.

Until then, you can enjoy playing Keno from the comfort, privacy and anonymity of your favorite smartphone or PC, relaxing at home or while you are on the go, at the top online casinos we recommend here. Supporting US players, the top Keno destinations online frequently test their RNGs for randomness, use dependable and reliable software, and they put the Keno "mini-lottery" game format in your hands 24/7 wherever you have an Internet connection. If you'd like to work on your playing technique, check out our section on basic keno strategy.

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